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  • Why I Unfollowed You on Instagram — Medium "The next platform that scratches this itch will be an Interest Feed. It knows what we like. It brings us the best of the Internet based on what we like. Straight killer no filler. It doesn’t exist yet."
  • Die Woche: Wie geht es uns, Herr Küppersbusch? – taz.de "Alexijewitschs Methode, aus „oral history“ eigene, künstlerische Texte zu montieren, ist ungefähr so literarisch wie die von Walter Kempowski. Der musste sich auch den gleichen Diss anhören, brachte sich jedoch vor dem Nobelpreis im Jenseits in Sicherheit."
  • Don’t let the Nobel prize fool you. Economics is not a science Joris Luyendijk: „A Nobel prize in economics implies that the human world operates much like the physical world: that it can be described and understood in neutral terms, and that it lends itself to modelling, like chemical reactions or the movement of the stars. It creates the impression that economists are not in the business of constructing inherently imperfect theories, but of discovering timeless truths.“
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